Reconciliation Process

1. Healing of Memories in South Eastern Europe

Healing of Memories (HoM) as a process was first initiated in South Africa under the responsibility of churches for the purpose of creatively coping with injuries among peoples, cultures, religions and individuals. The first European HoM process started in Northern Ireland in the second part of the ’90 years of the 20th century. HoM was initiated in South Eastern Europe with the vision that some countries in South Eastern Europe are, on the one hand BORDERLANDs between Western- and Eastern European cultural regions, but on the other hand, also BRIDGELANDs between the historical Eastern Roman and Western Roman religious, national and cultural history and also the South-Eastern European Christian, Jewish and Islamic historical background.

2. Charta Oecumenica as a background for Healing of Memories

The main goals of process Healing of Memories are comprised in the European Charta Oecumenica 3, 6 8, 10 and 11:

Charta Oecumenica 3:

In the spirit of the Gospel, we must reappraise together the history of the Christian churches, which has been marked by many beneficial experiences but also by schisms, hostilities and even armed conflicts.
It is important to acknowledge the spiritual riches of the different Christian traditions, to learn from one another and so to receive these gifts.

Charta Oecumenica 6:

We commit ourselves in the event of controversies, particularly when divisions threaten in questions of faith and ethics, to seek dialogue and discuss the issues together in the light of the Gospel.

Charta Oecumenica 8:

In view of numerous conflicts, the churches are called upon to serve together the cause of reconciliation among peoples and cultures. We know that peace among the churches is an important prerequisite for this.

Charta Oecumenica 10:

The way towards reconciliation between Christians and Jewish can not be a normal dialog after the Holocaust and the centuries old pre-holocausts, pogroms and expulsions are widely embossed by immense sufferings. For that reason we have to seek and intensify the dialog with our Jewish sisters and brothers at all levels.

Charta Oecumenica 11:

For centuries Muslims have been living in Europe. Over a long period of time the southern part of Europe has been moulded considerably by the Muslim culture and understanding of the respect of other Abrahamitic religions. But also we have to retain that there are still strong reservations and prejudices on both sides. These are rooted in painful experiences throughout history and in the recent past.