Conferences in the Future:

Conferences and workshops:

  • Jewish communities and Christian churches in the historical region of Bucovina
    Cernovci – Suceava (border-crossing Romania-Ukraine), 3-6 October 2010
  • The Church Ministry of Reconciliation between churches of Hungary, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Austria
    planned for November 2010
  • Healing of Memories for the historical region Banat ? Batschka – Vojvodina
    Novi Sad – Timisoara Szeged, 2011

Conferences in the Past:

  • August 2006 European Consultation on Healing of Memories, Budapest
  • 6. September 2007 Healing of Memories between Churches in Romania
    Hearing to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly, Sibiu
  • November 2007 Symposium Sathmar (border-crossing)
  • 2008 Symposium Bihor (border-crossing)
  • May 2009 International Conference Dobrogea (border-crossing)
  • May 2010 European Inter-religious Consultation on Healing of Memories, Sarajevo (in cooperation with the World Council of Churches)